There are many different types of paint brushes available. Choosing the right one is important to make sure your paint job goes smoothly and you get the results you want. But looking through the brush section of a paint store can be confusing. How do you make sure you choose the right one? Check out our tips below.

Pick the right bristle type for your type of paint

Paint Brushes come in either a natural or synthetic bristle. Natural bristles are made from animal hair and work with oil base paints, stains, and finishes. Synthetic work with both, but are best with water base products.

Angled or flat sash?

If you're getting a brush to cut in corners, an angled sash is your best bet. These give your arm and wrist a comfortable position to cut in, making your job easier. If you are painting large areas, trim, or doors, you will want to go with a straight.

Once you find the type and angle, look at the firmness

The firmness of the brush bristle ranges from soft to firm, and anything in-between. If you're painting trim, siding, windows, or doors, a soft bristle will help you get a smooth finish with less brush strokes than a firm. For cutting in, a firm bristle is your best bet as the firmness makes it easiest to get sharp lines.

Quality is important

As with most other painting supplies, you more or less get what you pay for. The nicer the brush, the longer it will last, the smoother your job, and the better the end result. Cheaper brushes 1) Don't last as long, and 2) tend to leave more brush marks, than more expensive brushes. We carry brushes at all price points, but remember a higher quality brush leads to a better looking paint job.

This covers the basics of finding the correct paint brush. If you have any further questions, or you'd like to browse our selection, don't hesitate to contact us at our St. Charles or O' Fallon locations.

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