What is picture framing?
Picture framing happens when the cut in edges of a room look darker or lighter then the rolled in main areas. The wall has a "picture-framed" look to it. This problem tends to arise particularly when painting dark colors or using high gloss paints.

Possible causes

1. Especially in a large room, allowing the cut in to dry before rolling out the rest of the wall.
2. Cutting in the room on one day and then rolling the next.
3. Not completely mixing the paint before using.
4. Different film builds on the cut in vs roll. Cutting in heavily and then rolling with a thin roller cover.


1. Maintain a "wet edge" at all times when cutting in and rolling a room. Especially in a large room, you may need to cut in, then roll single walls or areas at a time, so your wet cut in edge doesn't dry before rolling.
2. While it may seem like a more convenient way to paint especially when pressed for time, plan out your project and remember cutting in and rolling need to be done at the same time.
3. Remember to stir your paint before using, especially if you bought the paint on a different day than you're painting.
4. For consistency, we recommend using a 2-2.5" brush for cutting in, and a 3/8"-1/2" nap roller cover for rolling out the walls in most cases. Use quality products. When brushing, don't let the paint "drag" off the brush, and if the paint starts running, lighten the load of the paint on your brush. Similary, when rolling, let the roller do the work. Don't press down harder than you need to, or spread too thin.

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