Hardwood flooring will easily last as long as you own your home. You just need to give them proper maintenance and care. Check out our three tips below to keep your floors lasting a lifetime, and keep them as beautiful as the day they were installed.

1. Use furniture pads

While small, everyday type scratches add character to hardwood, bigger gouges and deep scratches can make them look worn. These are usually caused by big heavy furniture. Using pads under desks, tables, and couches helps prevent this from occurring. Additionally, if your dining room table is over hardwood, adding chair leg pads to your chairs prevents wear from scooting back and forth.

2. Clean regularly

Dusting and sweeping weekly is recommended. Dusting works well to pick up smaller dust particles that build up in homes overtime. Sweeping helps pick up bigger things like dirt and rocks that can cause scratches. We’d also recommend a deeper clean using a cleaner regularly. Just check to make sure you’re using a cleaner recommended for the floor that you have. Sometimes using the wrong cleaner on your floor can leave a haze behind.

3. Keep pet nails trimmed

Dog nails are a common culprit for floor scratches especially if you have big dogs that run around when they get excited. Keeping nails trimmed helps prevent these scratches from occurring, helping you keep your hardwood pet proof.

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