There are many different types of paint available. In any paint store, you’ll run into tons of different paint types -- latex, acrylic, oil, acrylic latex, alkyds, enamels, and may others. But you don’t have to stress yourself thinking over all these options. Buying the right paint should be simple. If you’re painting a basic interior room, your paint choices should come down to three different options – Latex, Acrylic, and Oil.

– Oil based paints were once commonly used on trim, doors, and window frames, but aren’t as commonly used today. They provide a very hard, durable finish and are great for areas that take abuse like trim and interior doors. Oil based paints have a slow drying time, which leads to smooth leveling for an even, very durable finish. The downsides to oils are that they require paint thinner to clean, have a strong odor, and will yellow over time. As with all paints the higher quality you buy, the better the performance and lower the downsides.

– Latex should be your paint of choice for your walls. Latex paints are water-base, flexible, lightweight, and brush and roll smoothly (if you select a quality product). Quality latex paints are generally low odor, and can also be available as zero-VOC. High quality latex paints cover great, level nicely, and are much more durable than cheaper options.

– Acrylic paints are water-base products that are heavier, stickier, and more durable than latex paints. These qualities make acrylics a great choice for areas that are exposed to wear – for example trim, doors, and window frames. The advantages of acrylic over oil based paint is that they are generally easier to work with, dry quicker, and have lower odor. There are a wide variety of acrylic products, but products specially formulated for trim and doors are best.

Hopefully this helps simplify your decision when deciding what to buy for your next interior painting project. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to visit or call one of our stores – St Charles Decorating in St Charles, or O Fallon Decorating in O Fallon.

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