What type of caulk to use
Choosing the right caulking is important. Caulks basically come in three types: silicones , acrylics , and elastomeric urethanes .

The type to use depends on your job. The correct type will lead to a protected and sealed job for years to come, while the wrong choice can lead to cracking, peeling, and headaches.

Silicone - Silicone is the strongest, and most waterproof type of caulk. It's strength and waterproofing properties make it a great choice in bathrooms around tubs, showers, and sinks. Comes in clear and white colors and is not paintable.

Acrylic - Acrylics are the most cost effective types of caulk. They adhere nicely to wood, drywall, and plastics, making them a great choice for use around baseboards, door casings, and window frames. Regular acrylics do not have a lot of flex to them, so they aren't the best choice for wide gaps, or exterior areas where you would expect to see some expansion. Acrylics are paintable.

Urethane Elastomeric - These caulks come with all the properties of acrylics, with the added benefit of flexibility. These are expandable, so they do well around exterior wood, masonry, and siding where there is some movement due to weather changes.

Our caulks are available in 10 oz tubes. To use them, place your tube inside the cradle of a caulk gun and squeeze the caulk gun's trigger to push out the caulk. When cutting off the end of the caulk tube, you'll want to cut down at a 45 degree angle near the tip.

It's best to start your cut higher, as you can always cut lower if you need a bigger bead. Our AllPro and Top Gun products come with indicators showing how big your bead will be.